Irrational Exuberance

Earlier this month the window display at Sicis on Broome Street in Soho caught my eye, as it often does. Only this time it was, as I wrote when I posted a picture of it on Twitter, ridonculous--beyond. It was a bathtub--in the form of a gold, mosaic, high-heel platform pump. I loved it for its sheer craziness--who came up with this thing? And then--decided to go ahead and make it?!

And, in fact, it was beautiful. Sicis' mosaic workmanship is always exquisite. The detail on this wacky bathtub was no exception. Since then Sicis has cropped up two more times--and both times it's been for another exuberant product or collaboration. A week ago the India Art Summit was held in New Delhi. A friend posted pictures on Facebook. One of the standout items in her photo album--for its sheer fun factor--was a vibrantly decorated Nano (pictured above). Turns out--it was, as the license plate says, a Sicis production--on behalf of Singapore-based, British-Indian artist Ketna Patel.

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